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In the 1950s, Americans banded together. We raised awareness and funds, which accelerated research to eradicate polio. Today, the ravages of polio are but a distant memory — stories our grandparents tell from “the old days.”

In the 1980s, HIV was a terminal disease, but now it’s a manageable condition — like diabetes or high blood pressure.

With awareness, funding, and enough individuals participating in research, one day Alzheimer’s, too, can become a manageable condition with which individuals can continue to enjoy long-term quality of life. You can help make this dream a reality.

Become a Citizen Scientist: Sign up for Research

You can help us meet our goal of finding more effective treatments for brain disease. Clinical trials are research studies conducted on people to determine whether treatments are effective.

Such trials are a required step toward FDA approval of new drug treatments.

By participating in a clinical trial today as a “Citizen Scientist,” you yourself may gain access to potential treatments before they are widely available. And maybe, your children or grandchildren might live in a time where brain disease is but history, legend and lore.

While we don’t know when it will happen, we know one thing for sure: The first person to be cured of Alzheimer’s disease will be in a clinical trial.

At Cleveland Clinic Nevada, we conduct research to advance new treatments and diagnostic approaches for individuals with Alzheimer’s and other dementias; Parkinson’s and other movement disorders; and multiple sclerosis.

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